iLight Marina Bay

Niteo has had an exhibit up at iLight Marina Bay 2018, and it was a blast.

Festival goers have had access to their own winged bike ride through the night sky. They can hop on one of the 4 beautifully refurbished bicycles (including a romantic tandem bike), start to pedal and see the bike’s illuminated wings get brighter, and brighter! This is a new take on “UP, and Away”, an exhibit originally designed to be stationary, but we completely re-designed it from the ground up. Now what we have are totally rechargeable bicycles, running 100% on rechargeable, safe low-voltage 18650 battery stacks fabricated in-house as well. In addition to the rechargeable system, the bikes, wings, lighting effects, programming and electrical components have been designed in-house by Niteo.

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