The core of our design includes all of the traditional phases of work from Concept Design all the way through final focusing and commissioning. This is what we practice day-in, day-out, and our technique is honed over multiple firms and countries.

From full-scale stadium mockups, to hand made paper origami models, every mockup speedily advances our design. Many of them are behind the scenes as we work hands-on on a daily basis. 

Very few architectural lighting firms can include first-hand addressing and programming services for dynamic lighting shows. We embrace the software engineer nerd in us, as much as any other.

Architectural Lighting Design
Lighting Mock-Ups
Media Design

We offer enhanced services above and beyond many other architectural lighting firms. We innovate beyond the typical studies, and help shape and inform architecture

Daylighting Design




Tenant Improvements

Mixed Use


Landscape & Site

We are strong supporters of surveying design sites before we begin work. We're looking for environmental and conservation components, illuminance levels, cultural impacts and daily schedules. Every neighborhood is unique, not to mention city, state and country! 

Site Surveys

Close to our hearts, our passion as artists can be seen in art installations. Light art, architecture, interactive installations all intrigue us. It's a nutty working atmosphere unique to any other design environment we're a part of.

Art Installations